Who are we?

We’re Bryan Morris & Stacey Kulow, New York-based writer/performers, and a couple for 10 years. We met in 2008 when Stacey became a part of Atlas Improv Company, of which Bryan was already a member. After two years of sharing the stage, we started dating. Crossing over into standup, in 2012, Bryan won the title of Madison’s Funniest Comic, and in 2014, Stacey did the same. After being favorites at the Comedy Club on State in Madison for years, we moved to New York City in 2014. Bryan still performs standup at clubs and colleges throughout the country. Stacey chose to focus more on sketch comedy. Pre-Covid, we were both writers at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where Stacey was also a director. 

Now we continue to write and produce sketches from home, and in 2020 we started a podcast, called Buffy the Gilmore Slayer. Bryan grew up obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Stacey is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, but neither of them have ever seen the other show. Together, we're watching our way through both series and discussing one episode from each show per podcast trying to figure out which show is better.