Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Podcast Episode 2.10

We've got a new episode! Retirement Options

This week we watched Buffy S2 E10 "What's My Line (Part 2)" & Gilmore Girls S2 E10 "The Bracebridge Dinner"

Lotta "wigging" happening this week. Seriously, both shows use this now retired word in episodes where characters are grappling with retirement. A joke about footnotes really tickles Giles, Kendra, AND Stacey, while a one-word joke from Rune REALLY tickles Bryan. Jess and Angel try to tell Rory and Drusilla that Dean and Spike aren't man enough for them, respectively. Maybe they're right? Or maybe they should respectively let these ladies figure things out for themselves. Plus, Stacey apologizes for a childhood crime involving a toilet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Podcast Episode 2.9

 New episode is here! Kiss Voyers

This week we watched Gilmore Girls S2 E9: "Run Away, Little Boy" & Buffy S2 E9 "What's My Line (Part 1)"

Things don't go so great for Tristan this week, and Bryan is HERE for it. The mysterious arrival of an ice cream maker sends Lorelai into a downward spiral, culminating in her dating a much younger man. On a related note, we're doing our best to move past the age difference between Buffy and Angel, but the show keeps bringing it up! As always, Buffy just wants to have a normal life, but sometimes that means fighting off bounty hunters on date night. And you won't want to miss Bryan's dark tale about a school "project."

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Podcast Episode 2.8

New episode now available! Visitors From the Past

This week we watched Buffy S2 E8 "The Dark Age" & Gilmore Girls S2 E8: "The Ins and Outs of Inns"

A literal demon from Giles's past come back to haunt him, which drives him to drink TWO drinks, shaking the teens to their cores. Despite all this, Ms. Calendar is ready to bone, but will the blue demon ooze hurt or help things along? Stacey learns Angel has a human name, which is SHOCKING, and we learn all about English Tizzies. Over in Stars Hallow, where the judicial system is hazy at best, Lorelai appears to be suffering from angina amnesia. So far neither of us like Jess, but we loooove Bootsy. Why isn't he a bigger character?


Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Podcast Episode 2.7

New episode Tuesday! This week we've got The Consequences of Being Social

This week we watched Gilmore Girls S2 E7: "Like Mother, Like Daughter" & Buffy S2 E7 "Lie to Me"

The Gilmore Girls are forced to get more socially involved at Chilton, though Lorelai's been arguably TOO socially involved at Chilton? We share some of our own cafeteria social drama. Turns out one of us was "oobs pops." Also Bryan absolutely hates Lorelai's fashion show fundraiser.  Meanwhile, an old friend of Buffy's shows up with a complex, yet hole-filled plan for his own social status.  Angel exploits Willow for free child labor, and we maybe caused our neighbors to have a domestic dispute?