Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Podcast Episode 2.7

New episode Tuesday! This week we've got The Consequences of Being Social

This week we watched Gilmore Girls S2 E7: "Like Mother, Like Daughter" & Buffy S2 E7 "Lie to Me"

The Gilmore Girls are forced to get more socially involved at Chilton, though Lorelai's been arguably TOO socially involved at Chilton? We share some of our own cafeteria social drama. Turns out one of us was "oobs pops." Also Bryan absolutely hates Lorelai's fashion show fundraiser.  Meanwhile, an old friend of Buffy's shows up with a complex, yet hole-filled plan for his own social status.  Angel exploits Willow for free child labor, and we maybe caused our neighbors to have a domestic dispute?