Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Podcast Episode 2.17

Happy new episode day! Poorly-Attended Funerals

This week we discussed Gilmore Girls S2 E17 "Dead Uncles and Vegetables" & Buffy S2 E17 "Passion"

While Luke deals with the death of his terrible uncle, Lorelai helps out at the diner. As someone who's worked in a lot of restaurants, Stacey's got problems here. While Emily demands Sookie plan a whimsical wedding she surely can't afford, Rory bosses Jess around, and he just kinda lets her. At Sunnydale High, so much of the faculty has died that Willow has to teach now. The gang finally decides to do something about the Angel problem. And between letters and sketches, Angel contrives a very dark and elaborate prank on Giles. #passion