Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Podcast Episode 3.3

Will these rogue girls have an effect on our heroines? Find out on this week's episode Doing Her Own Thing

This week we discussed Buffy the Vampire Slayer S3 E3 "Faith, Hope & Trick" & Gilmore Girls S3 E3 "Application Anxiety"

Both of our teen leads are focused on getting into school this week. While they both seem to be on the path to success, some rogue girls, one a slayer and one a bunny rabbit, cause them to question their futures. Buffy's being pursued hard by a new Canadian love interest. Rory's old beau is like, "Rory what are we even doing anymore?" Sunnydale's newest techonovamp is on a mission to eat every fast food worker in town, and Stars Hollow gets a soda shoppe at the low cost Luke's destroyed soul. And.... you won't believe how Bryan opened his college admissions essay.