Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Podcast Episode 3.15

Whether you're a slayer in a leather jacket or a mysterious old man in a purple velour tracksuit... ya Busted!

This week we discussed Buffy the Vampire Slayer S3 E15 "Consequences" & Gilmore Girls S3 E15"Face-Off"

This week's full of jealousy, secret keeping, secret rendezvous, and tattletales. Buffy and Emily can no longer contain their emotions/secrets and out Faith and Trix for hiding a murder and a secret lover, RESPECTIVELY! Rory and Willow are sad to find out their former flames have moved on. Too late ladies! Ya messed up! You coulda had those guys if you really wanted to! Lorelai's simultaneously doing damage control for Emily and Rory. Angel's simultaneously working as a crime scene investigator and a therapist. And we share a LOT about the churches we went to growing up.