Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Podcast Episode 1.13

Did you know Buffy had an unaired pilot and the it's free to watch on YouTube? Welp, we watched it for this week's new episode, as well as Gilmore Girls S1 E19: "Emily in Wonderland" as well as E20: "P.S. I Lo..."

Stacey's pretty sure Buffy is gonna go through principals the way Emily Gilmore goes through maids. It's good to know, even in this alternate Buffy universe, Sunnydale High shuts down for NO reason. Buffy weirdly and sadly stares out a window, and Rory stares right back at her from Chilton, because people are trying to protect her, and she is pissed! Bryan and Stacey almost break up over the Black-White-Read movie night, and realize they should really come up with a better end of life plan. Plus, Bryan learns what pumps are!