Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Podcast Episode 3.12

They were being lied to, but Lane & Buffy both get told they do things "Like a Girl"

This week we discussed Gilmore Girls S3 E12 "Lorelai Out of Water" & Buffy the Vampire Slayer S3 E12 "Helpless" 

Wow! It's our 50th episode! Bryan celebrates by confessing some wild things he did to impress the ladies pre-Stacey, and Stacey celebrates by forgetting the details of a beloved fairy tale. Rory and Lane celebrate one of the many Korean marriages they've apparently been attending this whole time, while Buffy celebrates her birthday by almost dying in a Saw house. Lorelai and Giles disrespectfully lie to Luke and Buffy, respectively. Honestly the shit Giles does to Buffy is pretty messed up, and he feels almost as bad about it as Lorelai does about the actual fishing part of fishing.